Service after the sale is as important as the physical equipment installed. Today's heating and cooling equipment is making technological leaps frequently, so the continuing education of Central Jersey's technicians is vital to the health of your system. Our team of service personnel are factory trained to provide service unsurpassed in the industry. Heating and cooling equipment is a very expensive investment, but one that can pay for itself in energy savings down the road, if the system is served properly. Let the professionals at Central Jersey Air Conditioning show you the value of keeping your equipment running efficiently.

Today energy prices are soaring all around us, as PSE&G has recently announced electricity rate hikes of 14% over the next two years.  With global warming and new environmental regulations, the refrigerants industry is responding with new alternative refrigerants to replace the Freon (R22) that is currently being used.  2010 will be the last year for air conditioning systems that use refrigerant R22, as the newer systems will be using R 410 A or Puron as the replacement refrigerant.

The technicians at Central Jersey air Conditioning are already trained in using the new refrigerant, as they have been installing the new systems over the last few years, providing exceptionally efficient cooling solutions for customer interested in reducing their impact on the environment.

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